There are a large number of schemes for developing partnerships.
From simple exchanges to research contracts, the socio-economic
and industrial sectors can benefit from IRDL’s know-how.

Service contract

This contract enables you to take advantage of IRDL’s technical and experimental resources:

  •  testing,
  •  analyses,
  •  measurement,
  •  interpretation of results….

Research collaboration contract

This contract is most commonly used for enhancing research. This collaboration is organised on the basis of a research programme in the framework of a technique or know-how subject to industrial type constraints.
This collaboration can also be based on R&D projects from competitive clusters, ANR research (and development) projects, European projects.

CIFRE contract

« Conventions Industrielles de Formation par la Recherche », or Industrial Agreements for Training through Research, subsidise any company registered in France which employs a PhD student in order to put him at the heart of a research collaboration with a state laboratory. The research work will lead to a thesis defence in three years.
« CIFRE » subsidies are wholly financed by the ministry of Higher Education and Research who have entrusted their implementation to ANRT.

Expertise contracts

This contract corresponds to an intellectual service of an advisory nature: expert assessments or surveys, analysis and diagnostics, technological watching.

This service does not involve the performance of research work using IRDL’s resources.

PhD student-expert contract

Do you require the skills of a young researcher?
You can call upon the services of a PhD student-expert. This young researcher carries out his thesis work in a research laboratory. He devotes part of his time (32 days per year) to a mission to provide technical, scientific or methodological expertise to a company, local authority or public service.
The service may be eligible for research tax credit.