RH3 | Structures, fluids and interactions

RESEARCH HUB 3 | Structures, fluids and interactions

Manager: Sandrine THUILLIER – Deputy manager: Nicolas JACQUES

The research work developed in this area, by its nature, involves more multidisciplinary interaction than that of the other hubs and combines theoretical, digital and experimental studies on the behaviour of materials and structures in interaction with their environment and/or their manufacturing process. This work relates brings coupled physical phenomena into play, such as ships subject to slamming in maritime environments, the thin hot shaped sheet metal structure then impacted up to breaking, the laser welding process involving transfers of energy and mass. These couplings are the key concept which brings the researchers together in this hub.

Skills and expertise

  •  Hydrodynamic impacts that naval structures are subject to, experimental approach and modelling
  •  Digital methods with a large number of variables, prediction of instabilities and monitoring of bifurcated branches (low Reynolds number)
  •  Development of behaviour models to describe the static and dynamic response (shaping) of complex continuous environments
  •  Experimental demonstration of specific transitory behaviours
  •  Dynamic measurement of state variable fields
  •  Dispose of sufficiently robust simulation models and tools in order to process all the couplings while reducing the calculation times

Research areas

  •  Fluid-structure interaction >> Study of the structures interacting with essentially incompressible and Newtonian fluids
  •  From shaping to dynamic behaviours >> Characterisation and modelling of the transitory response of continuous environments and structures, mainly under dynamic structural loading