RH1 | Composites, Nanocomposites, Biocomposites

RESEARCH HUB 1 | Composites, Nanocomposites, Biocomposites

Manager : Julien FEREC

The research activities are focused on showing and characterising polymer, fibrillar or mineral meso-structures with dynamic structuring in the presence of interfaces or in a contained environments. Rheology, surface and interface characterisations (nano-indentation, AFM, spectroscopies, and microscopies) are some of the techniques implemented.

The main skills and expertise are in the field of physical chemistry and transformation processes aimed at controlling changes of phase (percolation of fillers, polymer or polymer-solvent mixtures), the multi-scale structuring (of networks of fibres, nanofillers) and being able to measure the consequences on the properties of use of the materials. The aim of these fundamental studies is therefore to design hybrid materials with controlled properties, such as functional nanocomposites, smart or stimulus-responsive composites or polymers, controlled biodegradability biopolymers or high performance and durable biocomposites.

Research areas

  • Design of new green composites
  • Design of smart nanocomposite systems
  • Rheology and modelling of the flow of composite environments
  • Polymers and composites for automated uses
  • Composite structures designed to achieve optimal mechanical performance
  • Health and Environment Impacts